With popularity of the internet the IP-telephony and internet phone calls has become very popular. To refer to the online service also abbreviated as VoIP (Voice over IP), which can be translated as "the voice over IP-based protocol."

Firstly, IP-telephony provides significant reduction in communication cost. This comes from the fact that the IP protocol allows you to transfer    one pair of wires tens and even hundreds of calls simultaneously. International negotiations cheaper cost to customers in dozens of times,    the distance between the users does not affect the price. IP-telephony greatly simplifies the solution to many business problems, as well as a simple human interaction.

In turn, a VoIP service or Internet telephony is the "direct (virtual) phone number." Those who are constantly on the move, straight City Number (also known as the Virtual or DID number) may be useful for personal communication, it will allow your friends and family habitually call your local number wherever you are.

Direct phone number can be a city (New York, Bangkok, Berlin) and mobile operator (Orange, T-Mobule, Beeline). Virtual number, typically multichannel. It can be plain or so-called "beautiful number" (gold number, silver number, etc.). "Gold Number" is easy to remember, but it is not cheap. The choice is yours.

By purchasing our direct phone number, you can forward incoming calls on a mobile or landline phone in any country. Such an internet call can also be forwarded to your Internet phone hardware (SIP-phone) or softphone (SoftPhone). The service can be provided on a permanent or fixed term of your choice.

Connection of direct city number to an IP-PBX gives unusual opportunities. This allows you to create geographically distributed virtual office which can call customers and partners from around the world, gaining local city telephone numbers. Due to the fact that the maintenance of offices in major cities is expensive, the remote operation of your electronic office will provide significant economic benefits.

Consider the following example. Your company is based in London, but for some reason you need to enter the Boston market and organize the reception calls from your Boston (and other) partners. It's simple: you get our direct number in Boston (1617), and the service of call forwarding to London. Your customers and partners will be assured that you are in Boston and at the same time save the negotiations.

Direct (virtual) telephone numbers is now rapidly gaining popularity. Direct numbers is widely used amongst internet shops, tourist firms, managers of IT-companies, consulting companies and firms engaged in foreign trade.

The main features of numbers

The minimum term of use - 1 month

Incoming calls - free, with no monthly limit (instead of toll-free and similar DIDs)

Outgoing calls - by the common rules of SIPMarket

The possibility of forwarding - free on SIP-numbers or SIP URI of any SIP-provider, with fee - landline or mobile numbers on general rules of the system as a outgoing call

The ability to receive incoming SMS - for some numbers as internal message of the system. Can be sent to email, mobile phone (charged as an outgoing SMS), URL.

The possibility of sending SMS - by the common rules of SIPMarket

Transfering of caller's ID to DID number - transmited without transformation

Choise of DID numbers - no, if it is not offered in special conditions

Possibility of increasing the number of channels - no, if it is not offered in special conditions

Order of not offered on the site- check for availability

TOP 50 cities

Kyiv (44)
Almaty (7727)
Moscow (499)
Astana (77172)
St Petersburg (812)
Tbilisi (32)
Moscow (495)
Yerevan NGN (60)
Mobile Megafon Moscow
Omsk (3812)
Ufa (3472)
Mobile BeeLine Moscow
London (20)
Dushanbe LN (4278)
Paris (1)
Tallinn (69)
Berlin (30)
Saratov (8452)
Oslo (21)
Mobile MTS Moscow
Vladimir (4922)
Krasnoyarsk (3912)
Chisinau (22)
Frankfurt (69)
Harkiv (57)
Odessa (48)
Bishkek (312)
Zurich (44)
Barnaul (3852)
Lissabon (21)
Dublin (1)
Kaluga (4842)
London (203)
Lviv (32)
Vienna (1)
Ekaterinburg (3432)
Kazan (8432)
Stavropol (8652)
Tomsk (3822)
Istanbul - Europe (212)
Dniepropetrovsk (56)
Nizhni Novgorod (8312)
Rostov na Donu (8632)
National (4278)
Nairobi (2)
Vilnius (5)
Krasnodar (8612)

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