Virtual numbers in Australia and Ocaenia  


List of cities in Australia and New Zealand, where it is possible to buy direct phone numbers. In most cases, the direct phone activation does not request anything, but in accordance with the laws of some countries may require a scanned copy of passport or ID.

Account in SIPMarket will allow you to make international calls at low rates, independently control the routing of calls, that is to redirect incoming calls to mobile or landline phone in any country, and send SMS worldwide.

Direct phone number of your IP-phone can be both urban and mobile operator. Virtual numbers are usually multichannel.

Activation of direct telephone number is for 1 hour.

CitySetup payment ($)Monthly fee ($)LinesSpecial
Adelaide (87)0.003.002Yes
Adelaide (87)0.005.002
Albany (8)0.003.002Yes
Alice Springs (879)0.005.002
Armidale (267)0.005.002
Ballarat (343)0.004.002Yes
Bendigo (344)0.004.002Yes
Brisbane (73)0.003.002Yes
Brisbane (73)0.005.002
Brisbane (73)0.004.0099Yes
Cairns (742)0.004.002Yes
Canberra (26)0.005.002
Canberra (26)0.004.0099Yes
Canberra (261)0.003.002Yes
Coffs Harbour (256)0.003.002Yes
Coffs Harbour (256)0.005.002
Darwin (87)0.005.002
Darwin (879)0.003.002Yes
Darwin (88)0.005.002
Geelong (342)0.003.002Yes
Geelong (352)0.005.002
Gold Coast (7)0.005.002
Gosford (243)0.003.002Yes
Gosford (243)0.005.002
Hamilton (3)0.003.002Yes
Hobart (36)0.005.002
Hobart (361)0.003.002Yes
Islands (891)0.004.0099Yes
Launceston (363)0.003.002Yes
Launceston (363)0.005.002
Launceston (367)0.005.002
Mackay (748)0.004.002Yes
Melbourne (38)0.003.002Yes
Melbourne (38)0.005.002
Melbourne (38)0.004.0099Yes
Melbourne (39)0.005.002
Mobile (4)12.0012.002Yes
Mobile SMS only (481)0.0015.000Yes
Mobile SMS only (488)0.0014.000Yes
Newcastle (24)0.005.002
Newcastle (24)0.004.0099Yes
Newcastle (240)0.003.002Yes
Perth (86)0.003.002Yes
Perth (86)0.005.002
Perth (86)0.004.0099Yes
Sunshine Coast (753)0.005.002
Sunshine Coast (754)0.003.002Yes
Sunshine Coast (754)0.005.002
Sydney (28)0.003.002Yes
Sydney (28)0.005.002
Sydney (28, 29)0.004.0099Yes
Sydney (29)0.005.002
Sydney (29)0.006.002Yes
Terrey Hills (284)0.004.002Yes
Toll-free (1300)22.0012.0010Yes
Toll-free (1800)22.0012.0010Yes
Toll-free (1800)49.0012.0010Yes
Toll-free (1800)46.0011.0099Yes
Townsville (744)0.003.002Yes
Townsville (744)0.005.002
Townsville (747)0.005.002
Wollongong (242)0.003.002Yes
Wollongong (242)0.005.002
New Zealand
Auckland (9)0.004.702
Auckland (9)0.006.002Yes
Auckland (9)0.006.0030
Blenheim (3)0.006.002Yes
Christchurch (3)0.004.702
Christchurch (3)0.006.002Yes
Dunedin (3)0.006.002Yes
Gisborne (6)0.006.002Yes
Hamilton (7)0.004.702
Hamilton (7)0.006.002Yes
Hibiscus Coast (9)0.006.002Yes
Invercargill (3)0.006.002Yes
Napier (6)0.006.002Yes
Nelson (3)0.004.702
Nelson (3)0.006.002Yes
New Plymouth (6)0.004.702
New Plymouth (6)0.006.002Yes
Palmerston North (6)0.004.702
Palmerston North (6)0.006.002Yes
Paraparaumu (4)0.006.002Yes
Queenstown (3)0.006.0030
Rotorua (7)0.004.702
Rotorua (7)0.006.002Yes
Tauranga (7)0.004.702
Tauranga (7)0.006.002Yes
Te Awamutu (7)0.006.002Yes
Timaru (3)0.006.002Yes
Toll-free (800)64.008.0099Yes
Toll-free (800)40.0034.00300Yes
Wanganui (6)0.006.002Yes
Wellington (4)0.004.702
Wellington (4)0.006.002Yes
Whangarei (9)0.004.702
Whangarei (9)0.006.002Yes

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